20 March 2011

Is it Possible to be Fashionable, but not Trendy???

As I was flipping through a staff recommendation at Barnes and Noble, the "Charleston Magazine" and I came across a list of people who were named "Charleston's Most Stylish." I was so excited to see who these individuals were, so I kept skimming through the magazine and I totally agreed that all of these people had a unique sense of style. All were attractive, trendy, comfortable and confident; however, few of them spoke against following trends.

For example, when asked what trend you would never follow, Jasper Brollin, one of the stylish gentlemen listed, replied, "Trends themselves. Why would anyone want to look the same as everybody else?" Ok...I thought, but as I reflected on this statement and I began to compare it to the outfit in which he was photographed. Which was a pair of D& G reading glasses, a khaki suit from Asos, a coral colored button down, rings on each finger, and a scarf from Roubinacci that was tied around his wrist. Now what was most shocking to me was the choice of footwear, which was a pair of H by Hudson MILITARY BOOTS. So anyone who is remotely into fashion is 100 perfect certain that military boots was a major trend during the fall/winter 2010 season. Great choice, in my opinion, but clearly this was influenced by some trend.

So I kept browsing through the spread, and came across Mimi Apker, who is an Interior Designer in Charleston, SC. Her response to the question of something she hated was, "Trends. Dress for you body, rather than simply wearing what is of the moment." After reading this I thought, I completely agree with dressing for your body and your shape, but the outfit of choice was a BLACK, STRONG SHOULDER, SEQUIN DRESS by Ali Ro, with a black and green satin scarf. This also was interesting to me, simply because the 80's trend was so hot and heavy this season, as well as sequin. This look was so trendy and amazing it made the cover of March's issue.

I'd like to think of myself as a fashionable person, but I live for and by trends that are suitable for my body type, shape, and my complexion. Therefore, all trends are not for each and every individual. I feel that fashion is centered around trends and without a them, what direction would fashion take from season to season??

The seasonal direction of fashion is determined by designers and what they display during their popular runway shows. These looks are then converted into everyday Ready-to-Wear fashions for you and me, which determine the hottest new trend. So, my question is, if Vogue, Elle, Bazaar, and all other fashion magazines, did not feature the monthly fashion trends, what would retailers decide to sell, how would we choose what to wear, and how would we distinguish what's fashionable and what's not?? How do trends play a part in your wardrobe decisions.

08 March 2011

Nene Leakes' Fashion Evolution!!

I just saw a commercial for an upcoming Celebrity Apprentice show, and as you all may know Nene Leakes is a star on this season's show, so I decided to do a post about her.

As one of my favorite Housewives, Nene Leakes is sassy, out-spoken, daring, and real. She says whatever is on her mind and exudes this level of confidence that any women would admire, on the flip side, she can go over board just a tad bit, but you still have to love this women. On the first season of Housewives of Atlanta, Leakes rise to fame, there were several stabs made at her fashion attempts or lack thereof. Since then Leakes has really stepped her fashion game up.

This past season, Leakes transitioned from Housewives of ATL immediately to The Celebrity Apprentice, and frankly I think the chick is taking her fashion game to the next level. She went from wearing "so-so" pieces that looked like everyday mall items to fabulous furs on and professional suits and I love, love, love Nene's transformation!

The photos below will display the difference in Nene's look screamed regular to a more refined, sofisticated, and head turning look!

Here is a photo with all of the Housewives of Atlanta, and I personally think that Nene's look here super exceeds all of the other wives, especially Sheree's, who was the main one taking stabs at Nene's "fashions" during the first season of the show.

05 March 2011

What Does the Future Hold for Christian Dior??

As many of you have heard, John Galliano, lead designer for Christian Dior for the last 15 years has been dismissed. Last week, Galliano was involve in a bar scuffle at local Parisian Brasserie. He was caught on video slurring Anti-Semitic comments. The designer was apparently praising Adolf Hitler and telling a Jewish couple their ancestors would have been gassed.

This seemed to be a no brainer for Dior Execs as they down-size Galliano immediately following the incident. President and CEO, Sidney Telodano stated, " I condemn most firmly the statements made by Galliano which are a total contradiction with the essential values that have always been defended by the House of Christian Dior."

Since the incident, Gallino has reportedly checked into rehab. Of course he did, isn't this the norm, the notorious superstar lashes out in public in a drunken, or drug induced rage, and then decides that all of a sudden he/she needs rehab. Please! I don't buy this phony plea for some type of redemption because such strong, racial feelings will not change over night!

So I ask, what does the future hold for the "House of Christian Dior?"
Chistian Dior Spring 2011
Will this be the last of Galliano for Dior?

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