20 May 2011

YSL Palais Mohawk Pump!!

While browsing the Nitroliscous.com/blog, I was in awe of these YSL Palais Mohawk Pumps! What was so amazing, were the fringe detail applied along the back of the shoes. The Royal Blue color was electrifying and is still a popular, trendy color for Spring and Summer '11 so you know I was compelled to share the images below with you all.
These spectacular pumps were paired with a Target Moto Jacket, Forever XXI tank, Mullet Skirt from H&M, and a Chanel Jumbo Caviar bag. I absolutely adored this outfit and was more excited to find that the shoes are available for purchase on ebay!!!

06 May 2011

Out with Your LBD and in with COLOR!!!

We have always heard that when in doubt, just wear a Little Black Dress. Well this rule does not apply this summer. So toss those LBD's to the back of your closet because there are so many different styles that are available this season for all shapes, sizes and complexions. I have always been one to experiment with mixing and matching different color combos; and now so should all of you ladies! Check out some of my favorite looks for this season from Arden B., Bebe, Express, and Asos.com.

Asos.com....... Asos.com.... Arden B. ..........Bebe ............Bebe .........Express

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