22 March 2012

Monochromatic Look of the Day!

(What I Wore- Dress-Willie Jay's Boutique, Sunglasses and Shoes- Steve Madden, Clutch- Aldo- Necklace and Ring- Charlotte Russe)

Normally I love playing with different pops of colors, where I will pair a totally different color with it's complimentary opposite. Today, however, I just wanted to focus on the color teal and play it up with different shades of blues and greens for a monochromatic look. I recently found this dress at a local boutique on King St. on sale and I had to grab it! The shoes were actually a Christmas gift and I had them stored in the bottom of my closet, just dying to wear them and since Spring is finally here, these babies were ready to debut!!! Hope you all are enjoying your Spring so far.

Stay Fly,

19 March 2012

My Default Nail Polish!

(What I wore: White Flower Knuckle Bender Ring-Charlotte Russe, Green Stone Ring- Forever 21)  
So I am the type of girl who loves to wear short, natural nails. Many years ago, I tried the inch long French Manicured nails and I could do a thing with them on, and not to mention, my natural nails were ruined, so I trimmed them down and performed a DIY home manicure. I loved, loved, loved the outcome. I didn't hurt my pockets, didn't have to wait in a lobby area of a nail salon, while inhaling acrylic and other pungent nail products.

So my recent nail polish purchase for a DIY mani was the Sally Hensen Insta-Dri Mint Sprint Nail Polish! It's bold and so perfect for spring, and best of all, only one coat is needed and it dries in literally, a minute. This color is a must guys!!!!

07 March 2012

I'm Loving This Urban Gentleman!!!

After speaking to so many of my guys friends about all of the inspiring fashion blogs that I find daily, it became evident that they did not have as many blog options. The few blogs out there that are targeted toward men, aren't updated consistently or just don't really inspire.  So I thought it would be a great idea to share this amazing outfit as some inspiration for you guys out there who are craving some real fashion.

I would like to welcome my friend Lonnie back to the blog!!!

What He Wore: Hat- Hardwood Classic,Glasses -Urban Outfitters, Denim Shirt & Slacks- H&M, Bow Tie- Brook Brothers,Hoodie- BDG,Jacket- Forever 21..Shoes Loafer Steve Madden
"My inspiration was wanting to stand out with a bold mixture of Urban attire intertwined with sleek, casual pieces, as well as my love for the KNICKS!!"   -Lonnie Hawkins

Neon Green, Blue and a Splash of Pink!!

What I wore: T-shirt- Gap, Skirt- H&M, Shoes- Steve Madden, Envelope Clutch- Thrifted, Bracelets- Old, Earrings-Charlotte Russe.

I've been loving all of the neon colors that's everywhere right now. Neon was such a bold trend that originated in the 80's, and because I was just a baby, I didn't have much control over how I would rock it. Now that its back around, I decided that I would have some fun with all the bold colors.  When I came across this cute, neon green and tan color block t-shirt in the Gap, I had to have it, and not to mention, it was on sale!! I thought the combination of the tan was cool becasue it really toned the green down and pairing this color combo with blue and pink would create a funcky color block outfit.

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