14 February 2012

The Art of Thrifting!!

5 Tips that I stand by when THRIFTING

  1. Shop Alone!    My biggest pet peeve is being rushed. It takes time to browse through all of the racks and sometimes you have to revisit one section a 2nd time because of the constant deliveries that are being added to each section.
  2. Don't over think!  If you find a piece that you really love, just grab it, because if you decide to 'just think' about it, chances are the $3 item will be gone the next day.
  3. Keep an open mind!   While its great to have a specific idea of what you are looking for, don't just dismiss other items you may have come across and may be useful to you.
  4. Don't Be Afraid of the Dirt!  I found a beautiful wool coat with a fur collar and decided not purchase it because of a small stain on the bottom. I regretted this so much because I was later introduced to Vanish Oxi products which will remove 40 years old stains.
  5. Dress for the Occasion! I found that because this can be a tedious task, and you really have to dig through racks and racks of items, so you need to be comfortable. I spent hours in just one store and needed to try different pieces on,  so I needed to be able to get in and out of my clothing and shoes with ease. It sounds crazy, but you want to wear a loose t-shirt ,jeans and sneakers or a comfy dress and flats.

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