14 February 2012

Great finds at the Local Goodwill!!

Just this weekend a super cute girl came to my job, shopping for some shoes, and I was thrown by this beautiful blouse that she was wearing. I had to ask where she got it, in hopes to find a similar blouse, if not the same one. Of course she replied that the top was found at a thrift store. I immediately knew that this was a one-of-a-kind piece that I would never be able to find. I decided to take a trip to a local thrift store anyway. I was fortunate to found a few pieces that I will share with you later, however, my friend Jasmine was much more successful in finding several key pieces that were unique and quite fabulous.

Although I was a tad bit jealous, she agreed to share those amazing finds with you guys.


  1. Love the sequin dress super cute!

    1. It really is and only $15!!! Such a great find!


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