27 January 2012

How Far is Too Far for the Love of Louis Vuitton??

According to the Huffington Post, Judy Nguyen, 28 years old, of Anaheim, CA wanted a new Louis Vuitton bag so badly, that she stole credit card information from the victim, purchased a $2,700 bag online and waited at the victims home for the delivery of her new bag. What Nguyen did not know was that the cardholder was notified by the credit card company of such a large purchase. Authorities were then contacted.
Authorities watched Nguyen wait in her car while waiting on the delivery and arrested her when she accepted the package.

After further investigation, Irvine police officers found more that $6,000 worth of luxury handbags and shoes that were also purchased with stolen credit card information.

I had to share this article, because I thought that is was so crazy. Protect yourselves from credit card fraud guys, these people are becoming more and more desperate. This situation is proof that some are willing to go any lengths for the love of fashion.

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