19 March 2012

My Default Nail Polish!

(What I wore: White Flower Knuckle Bender Ring-Charlotte Russe, Green Stone Ring- Forever 21)  
So I am the type of girl who loves to wear short, natural nails. Many years ago, I tried the inch long French Manicured nails and I could do a thing with them on, and not to mention, my natural nails were ruined, so I trimmed them down and performed a DIY home manicure. I loved, loved, loved the outcome. I didn't hurt my pockets, didn't have to wait in a lobby area of a nail salon, while inhaling acrylic and other pungent nail products.

So my recent nail polish purchase for a DIY mani was the Sally Hensen Insta-Dri Mint Sprint Nail Polish! It's bold and so perfect for spring, and best of all, only one coat is needed and it dries in literally, a minute. This color is a must guys!!!!

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