08 March 2011

Nene Leakes' Fashion Evolution!!

I just saw a commercial for an upcoming Celebrity Apprentice show, and as you all may know Nene Leakes is a star on this season's show, so I decided to do a post about her.

As one of my favorite Housewives, Nene Leakes is sassy, out-spoken, daring, and real. She says whatever is on her mind and exudes this level of confidence that any women would admire, on the flip side, she can go over board just a tad bit, but you still have to love this women. On the first season of Housewives of Atlanta, Leakes rise to fame, there were several stabs made at her fashion attempts or lack thereof. Since then Leakes has really stepped her fashion game up.

This past season, Leakes transitioned from Housewives of ATL immediately to The Celebrity Apprentice, and frankly I think the chick is taking her fashion game to the next level. She went from wearing "so-so" pieces that looked like everyday mall items to fabulous furs on and professional suits and I love, love, love Nene's transformation!

The photos below will display the difference in Nene's look screamed regular to a more refined, sofisticated, and head turning look!

Here is a photo with all of the Housewives of Atlanta, and I personally think that Nene's look here super exceeds all of the other wives, especially Sheree's, who was the main one taking stabs at Nene's "fashions" during the first season of the show.

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