02 May 2012

Really? Leather In the Spring??

Recently a coworker and I were discussing whether or not it's appropriate to wear leather in the Spring. I stated that I had a leather skirt that's been sitting in my closet for years that I have never worn and she stated that she just saw a gorgeous leather dress in the Gap, that she wanted to buy. The problem is, we live in Charleston, SC and the spring days can range from 70 to 90 degrees. I told her absolutely not to wear that leather dress in the spring, however, I would wear my leather mini skirt paired with a much lighter material on top for some type of balance.

Well after googling leather for the spring, I stood corrected, which was hard for me because I never like to admit when I'm wrong. But, we found there were several designers that incorporated leather in their Spring/Summer 2012 Collection. Some of these designers/retailers include Stella McCartney, Alice and Olivia for Neiman Marcus, Asos, Top Shop,etc. Below are a few leather pieces that will look great this Spring when paired with light weight spring fabrics. I will also show you guys my version of leather this spring a little later. Hope you like!


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