29 February 2012

Style Feature of the Day: Lonnie Hawkins!!!

(What he wore- BDG Cardigan, Hawkins McGill SeerSucker shorts-, BDG T-shirt-, Profound Aesthetic Wood Bead Bracelets- Urban Outfitters; Shoes- Steve Madden, Watch - Kenneth Cole)

So I recently sold a pair of my favorite winged tip shoes to this dude. Immediately, I was intrigued by his sense of style, so I had to feature him on my blog!! This is the dope outfit that this gentleman incorporated, and I must say, it blew me away, simply because it was so different and there was thought put into the addition of each and every item. I must admit, I had never seen seersucker paired with a cardigan/track jacket, but after reviewing all of the pieces and understanding a little more about the inspiration of the look, I fell in love, hope you all will also!!!

Model: Lonnie Hawkins
What Inspired Outfit: The shoes were the main focus, and because I sold them to Lonnie, he wanted me to feature them in this post. He also stated that he loves playing with mismatched prints and colors.
What is Fashion to this model: "Fashion is a way of life, when you watch movies, it's has if you are watching a fashion show."
Fashion Inspirations: Brad Goreski (the former assistant to Rachel Zoe)
Favorite Designers/Stores: Kenneth Cole, Hugo Boss, Marc Jacobs, H&M, Urban Outfitters
Fashion Hates: Baggy Clothing, Trends


  1. Digging the concept. Have those same shoes in brown. Good look with this outfit.

    1. I totally agree, this look is amazing!


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